About us

It all began at Bairro dos Pescadores of Nazaré, more precisely at house number 16 of Rua B.
Our grandmother Irene began to rent her house to tourists during summertime, to save for winter. Like many women of her generation, grandmother Irene walked up and down the streets of Nazaré, addressing tourists always with a smile. Some of the customers stayed year after year, almost being part of the family.

Later, grandmother Irene built with grandfather Joaquim da Praia a few small rooms around the main house, like other residents in the neighbourhood. In the mid-1980s, this house is purchased by our family. Some improvements were made, whether in the house or in the courtyard, to better use the house for rent in the summer.

However, with the opening of the small supermarket in 1984, the old store and father's house Quico are left, going into the possession of its owner. A few years later, it comes the opportunity to buy the house and shop, which was formerly leased for almost 30 years. In the late 1990, our family initiates the construction of a new building in the same location, this time for renting apartments for holidays. Thus, the Apartmentos Quico - renamed in 2015 as Casa do Quico - are inaugurated in 2000: a total of ten apartments, beautiful, comfortable and cosy.

All our houses have stories to tell - these are life stories of our family and also stories of Nazaré. Learn more about us and our houses:

Since 2000, the renovated apartments Casa do Quico occupy the site of the old shop and housing of our father Quico, at avenida de Olivença.

In memory of our grandmother Irene, we gave her name to the holiday apartments building that we opened in 2010 at Rua Adrião Batalha 109 in Nazaré, which came to be called Casa da Irene.

The old home of our grandmother Irene and our grandfather Joaquim is our most recent building of holiday apartments at Nazaré, called Casa do Joaquim da Praia - which reopened in 2012.

These are homes with Nazarene soul, mixing the traditional with the contemporary to provide a great experience of Nazaré.
Come stay at home with us in Nazaré!