Welcome to Casa do Joaquim da Praia

Nazaré tradition combined with contemporary functionality and design: Casa do Joaquim da Praia maintains the authenticity of Nazaré, with all the modern comfort. Pool, patio and private garage, just 3 minutes walk from the beach.

The Casa do Joaquim da Praia is located at the typical Fishermen Quarter of Nazaré (Bairro dos Pescadores), at Rua B number 16. The house is just 250 meters from the beach, in a quiet area right next to the old Primary School of the Bairro dos Pescadores, and just steps away from the municipal market and the main shopping street of Nazaré.

This was the house of grandfather Joaquim da Praia and grandmother Irene for most of their lifes. They started to live here since 1946, as most families of this neighbourhood. In 2012, the current building took place of the former house, which preserves some of the original features but adding a modern look & feel.