What to visit? Monte de São Brás

The Monte de São Brás has 156 meters of altitude, allowing to observe the surrounding region around a radius of 35 Km. This elevation - also known as Monte de São Bartolomeu - was classified as a geologic monument in May 1979. This mountain was called in ancient times as Siano or Zion.

The Monte de São Brás is an eruptive formation, which is considered a small oasis in the region, having a wide variety of typical Mediterranean flora - more than 150 different species - which constrasts with the monoculture of maritime pine that surrounds it.

On top of the mountain there s a small chapel dedicated to Saint Brás, Saint Bartholomew and the Nossa Senhora das Candeias. Every year on February 3rd, here is celebrated  the traditional festival of São Brás, joining many hundreds of people in a "curious rustic picnic," as so defined historian and sociologist Moisés Espírito-Santo. The atmosphere and intensity of this festivity are documented in the book Monte Siano, authored by writer Helia Correia and photographer Valter Vinagre, published in 2005.